9th Annual Fundraiser – Martins West. Baltimore, MD

Hearty greetings, deep appreciation to all our donors, sponsors and well wishers without whom all of these would not have been possible! You believed in us, you defied all odds, put aside other distractions, you cared and dug deep to support an honorable cause – the power of giving oneself to make another happy is your portion. May God bless you and replenish your pockets. Enjoy the pictures from one classy event – panache check, class check, on time/smooth flow, no hitches and entertaining check-check-check!
For those who could not make it know that you can always donate online 24X7.
SAVE THE DATE. June 18 2016 for FOADAC 10th Anniversary one year in advance – no more excuses, have fun and save a life.
Be blessed for God loves a cheerful giver



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