Ethel Caspa

Founder & CEO

Ethel Caspa, founder and CEO of FOADAC is originally from Cameroon, West Africa. She currently resides in Baltimore Maryland USA. She holds a degree in Human services, a certificate in Journalism, project management and another degree in International business from the University of Baltimore.

She has worked for many years as the director of resident care services in the assisted living community, thus developing her desire to care for people, especially children.

In her current position as Research Project Coordinator at the John’s Hopkins School of Public Health,(Centers for Prevention and Early Intervention ) she works daily on projects that are designed to better the lives of children.

Caspa has always been a humanitarian at heart, never on a large scale but striving always to do her best. A few years ago a close family member was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. She was devastated and it became clear to her that she needed to step out of her comfort zone, join the rest of the world and help.

Prior to creating foadac , she had just visited her home country where she came face to face with what it means for others to need help. While visiting an orphanage very close to where she lives, she was amazed at what she saw: children needing help, love and support, children needing a place to say, children needing health care and education.

The experience was like reaching a mountain top; it was an epiphany that changed her life.

It made Ethel realize the desperate situation that surrounded her. She thought “these children have found themselves in borderline situations through no fault of their own”

These children are victims of disease, social and financial inequalities, which are felt throughout the third world. The message was loud and clear, something needed to be done quickly. The question that burned in her mind was “what does God want me to do?” The answer was “do something, anything within your means, seek help, and the children need you. When she returned to the US, she began her usual routine of work, school and life in general. She constantly looked for reasons why it was not possible for her to help; time constraints, no funding and no resources.

Then one day her sister Judith called her and spoke about several social groups she belonged to and how she was not able to participate fully in any one of them. At that moment Ethel told her that she was thinking about registering a non-profit organization so that she could better help the children at the orphanage. Her sister decided to help her bring this to fruition. From that conversation foadac was born.

Ethel prayed and asked God to empower her to help carry out her mission.  Our vision is to try and help every child in need. However, due to an increased death toll resulting from the spread of HIV/AIDS many more children are becoming orphans. The needs are now compelling but the resources are limited.

Her desire and goal is to instill hope in the hopeless, to save precious souls, to provide love, comfort and encouragement to children living with pain and hopelessness. She strongly believes that caring for others as Christians means to share the burden of our brothers and sisters.

God has given us grace and mercy so that we may share it as much as possible and as far as we can reach.  Amongst other things, foadac hopes to be one more avenue to bring help in the lives of these orphans. “I want to reach out today for tomorrow might be too late.

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